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Battle your way through hordes of fearsome monsters! Kill them all to see their unique deaths!
Discover awesome equipment to improve your character! Fine tune your equipment to suit your play style!
Travel with different characters, each with their own unique voice and take on the world!
Complete multiplayer and single player quests to improve the world of Shards!
Feb 6, 2015


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Shards of Titan is an online adventure RPG set on a mysteriously shattered world! Become a powerful force as you explore the unique fantasy/sci-fi world of Shards of Titan. Uncover the mysterious past of the shattered world, meet eccentric companions, complete challenging multiplayer dungeons, battle to the top in the arena, and join forces with other players to defeat powerful world bosses!


Explained in-game

Recent Edits

  • Shard Quarry
    The shard quarry is a building in town that allows you to dig up shards in exchange for gold...
  • Blacksmith
    The Blacksmith is a place where players can enchant their gear for increased primary stats...

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  • Hall of Trials
    Hall of Trials is level-based arena in Shards of Titan. Each 5 levels you fight a boss which...
  • Paths
    Paths are the sets of 3 levels where you are traveling between the main story levels. They run...
  • Player Stats
    In Shards of Titan, stats increase you and your companions'?battle prowess by giving passive...
  • Ranger
    The Ranger is a playable character in Shards of Titan. Rangers are agile, bow-wielding...
  • Gold Mine/Table
    This is the table containing the price to level up the?Gold Mine, the gold per hour generation...
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